Centreless Grinders

SAK has a number of Centreless Grinders

  • 11 Centreless Grinders 1off to 1000000 off
  • diameters 0.15mm to 75mm
  • tolerances down to +/- 0.001mm
  • surface finish down to 0.05 Ra


SAK has a number of Centreless Grinders
  • Five Cincinati 20m Grinders
  • Two Ghiringhelli M100 grinders with Auto Plunge
  • Two Ghiringhelli M65 Grinders
  • Two Dedtrue Grinders
SAK’s grinders can produce the following:
  • Diameters 0.15mm to 75mm
  • Surface finishes down to 2 microinches 0.05 Ra
  • Tolerances down to +/-0.001mm (With External Lapping Tolerances Down to +/-0.0005mm) can be achieved
  • Bowl feeding and other automatic loading systems


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