Here at SAK Equipment, we provide a range of precision engineering work on Ultra-Hard materials. We understand the importance of consistency and accuracy in our work as our clients need our components to be perfect to work for their business. All of our customer tooling is serial numbered and logged and inspected before use as standard.

Precision Grinding and Machining

We perform this service on Tungsten Carbides and Ceramics in all available forms from small, one-piece orders to full production quantities with tolerances from +/- 0.001mm

Higher Volume Grinding

Although here at SAK Equipment we specialise in Ultra Small Geometries and Small Tolerances in Ultra-Hard Materials, we can also be very competitive in the higher volume grinding of a wide range of products through using innovative production methods. Pricing of these products is based on the quantities involved and the tolerances applied.

Semi Conductor Tooling

Today SAK is a market leader in semiconductor tooling such as:
  • Shear Tools
  • Pull Testing
  • Bonding Wedges
  • Die Collets
  • Production Tooling
  • SAK uses its strong and innovative toolmaking experience to design and manufacture special purpose tooling to suit individual applications
With over four decades of experience in the industry, SAK Equipment is perfectly suited to help your business with even its most rapid needs. In addition to our made to order productions, we offer stock holding of finished components and materials, with same day dispatch. If you think we can help you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.